Communication and the Crisis of Democracy: Institutional Decline, Disinformation, and the Rise of the Radical Right


Cultural Backlash: Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Authoritarian Populism

Dhavan Shah | Jiyoun Suk

Economic Trends, Geographic Differences, and Local News and Talk: Understanding Polarized Political Evaluations During Periods of Contention

Silvio Waisbord

Populism and Post-Truth: Time to Revisit Normative Models of Public Communication?

Frank Esser

Populism -- A Big Hit in European Political Communication Research

Jorg Matthes | + Panel Discussion

Effects of Anti-Muslim Populist Campaigns on Majority and Minority Groups: Implications for Social Cohesion

Deb Roy

Listening Technologies for Understanding Public Opinion

Chris Wells

The Social Geography of Contentious Politics and its Linguistic Markers

Talia Stroud

Partisan Polarization and the News Media

Daniel Kreiss | + Panel Discussion

Identity, Communication, and Democracy: Tracing Contentious Politics Across Contexts and Mediums

Sheri Berman

Declining democratic responsiveness and linkage in the US and Europe

Karolina Koc-Michalska

Populism and Facebook: 14 countries, 117 parties and 2014 EP election campaign

Sven Engesser

Authoritarianism, Populists and the Media: An Integrative Theoretical Model

Julia Azari | + Panel Discussion

The Political Geography of Presidential Populism